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Beverbach Whiskey


Whiskey aficionados are well aware of the exceptional whiskeys coming from Germany.

The Hardenberg family has spent centuries perfecting the art of distilling cereals into spirits. So, it felt only natural to use our ideal cereal growing and production conditions to also create a premium whiskey. After all, the basic principles of whiskey making are not too dissimilar from those of a traditional korn. After studying the last details, we refined the results in the Hardenberg Distillery.

Read on for more information on the different Beverbach whiskeys.

Beverbach Whiskey
Beverbach Whiskey

Beverbach Single Malt German Whiskey

The ideal of a German single malt whiskey: well-balanced ageing, pleasantly mild and malty. Our single malt tickles the nose with warm barrel notes, punchy cereal and malt aromas and a hint of smoke. The complex taste blends delicate fruity notes with a characteristic malt flavour. The finish brings out warm wood and barrel ageing aromas reminiscent of vanilla and caramel.

Take some time to explore the full aromatic depth of this BEVERBACH SINGLE MALT GERMAN WHISKEY.

How can a whiskey, after just three years in a wooden barrel, develop such a complex aromatic spectrum? Besides the hand-picked regional ingredients, our barrels shape the unmistakable flavour profile. During the ageing process, they infuse the distillate with their one-of-a-kind aromatic signature. Our single malt matures in bourbon and brandy barrels, which lend it its mild, harmonious balance and inimitable character.

An accomplished single malt with a well-rounded, harmonious aroma.

BEVERBACH SINGLE MALT GERMAN WHISKEY is now available for order from our shop.

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Beverbach Whiskey

Beverbach Aged at Sea Whiskeys


Since 1920, the Avontuur has been sailing the world’s oceans, making it one of the last active sail freighters, solely driven by wind power. Its Mission Zero campaign sets out to prove that carbon-neutral cargo transport is possible – and has plenty of future potential. With our special edition BEVERBACH AGED AT SEA WHISKEYS, we support the Avontuur’s laudable mission.

Two of our whiskeys, the BEVERBACH SINGLE MALT GERMAN WHISKEY ADVENTURES EDITION I and the BEVERBACH WHEAT MALT GERMAN WHISKEY ADVENTURES EDITION II, spent three years maturing in bourbon and brandy barrels at Hardenberg – and then another nine months on board of the Avontuur. They crossed the Atlantic and sailed to South America, the Caribbean, North America and via the Azores all the way back to Germany.

During this trip, the whiskeys experienced further aromatic refinement and a boost of their wood and barrel notes.

BEVERBACH AGED AT SEA WHISKEYS and the Avontuur. An exceptional project for exceptional taste.

This limited edition is exclusively available on the Hardenberg distillery and in our online shop.

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Beverbach Whiskey
Beverbach Whiskey
Beverbach Whiskey

Beverbach Whiskey & Coffee Liqueur

Uncompromising combo, no compromise on taste: cold brew coffee and Beverbach Whiskey

Our BEVERBACH WHISKEY & COFFEE LIQUEUR features a composition of fine Hardenberg whiskey and cold brew Arabica coffee. This exceptional liqueur is one of the first products from the new Hardenberg Distillery. Its unmistakable interplay of intense coffee notes, malty cereal flavours and the whiskey’s barrel aromas makes this one a true delight.

We use a cold brew coffee process to preserve the valuable aromatic oils and extract just the aromas needed for our liqueur. The extraction in cold water allows the full flavour of Latin American Arabica beans to shine, while the bitter notes remain in the coffee grinds.

The resulting combination of two entirely different flavour profiles is an expressive coffee liqueur with a well-rounded body and real cereal and barrel notes. Also great as a post-dinner digestif.


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Beverbach Whiskey



Rezepte Whiskey


Whiskey is a popular mixing spirit. So, get shaking – and get inspired by our recipes.

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